3D Goldfish DIY Stickers For Jewelry Making

3D Goldfish DIY Stickers For Jewelry Making - infinity actually

3D Goldfish DIY Stickers For Jewelry Making

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Well, this sticker is specially designed for DIY resin crafts like painting, glass cabochon and resin mold jewelry making.

You don't need to spend lots of time inpainting with this sticker

It offers 3D effect and great decorations.



Fish type of sticker will be excellent for water-like painting.

2 types can be optional.

Lifelike and 3D effect is highly vivid.

Easy to use and operate.

You can use several stickers in one and will come out different crafts.

Great resin crafts decorations.


How to Use:

1. Pour a layer of AB resin or UV resin inside a container or bezel as base

2. Once the resin is cured, stick the fish sticker on the resin, 

    pour another layer of resin for around 2mm in thickness and wait for the resin to get cured.

3. Repeat step 2 with the other fish sticker on top of the position where you placed the first sticker, 

    repeat the same step until you have finished all the stickers on the clear film sheet.

4. Pour the last layer of resin for sealing.


Size:Total Sheet: 13 x 9 cm/5"x 3.5"

Quantity: 1 Pc (other accessories demo in the picture are not included!)