Alphabet Mold & Tools Set

Alphabet Mold & Tools Set

  • High Quality Alphabet Resin Molds. This reversed silicone alphabet mold is made of high quality durable silicone, flexible and durable. Easy to clean, eco-friendly, reusable.


  • DIY Craft Set. Comes with 1x Backward Letter Resin Molds, 20x gold / silver key rings, 40 x O ring, 60 x gold / silver screw eye pins, 12 x glitter sequins, 1PCS hand twist drill. These accessories help you make personalized keychains and jewelry easily. *Note: resin not included



    • Easy to Use. You only need to put the resin and your favorite elements in the mold. After the resin is cured, you just need to twist the letter resin mold bracelet and push out it, then your craft can out of the silicone letter molds easily. With the letters being reversed on the mold, the front of the letter is perfect and smooth surface when popped out.


    • Personalized DIY Craft. You can also add some glitter, metal, stone or flowers in resin to make your own beautiful keychain or jewelry, which is simple for all resin lovers from novice to artist. The colorful resin letters can also be used to attract the baby's attention and actively learn the letters.


    • Wide Application. The reversed alphabet silicone mold can be used as resin, cabochon, polymer clay, gum paste, wax, candle, soap mold, etc. Screw eye pins and keyrings are in the package, great to make personalized Epoxy keychain, house Number, jewelry necklace, pendants, earrings etc.



    The alphabet number resin molds allow you to make your ornament according to your preferences.


    Package includes:

    1 x Backward alphabet resin silicone molds

    20 x Key rings (gold/silver)

    40 x Key O ring (gold/silver)

    60 x Screw eye pins (gold / silver)

    12 x glitter sequins

    1 x hand twist drill


    HOW TO CLEAN the Number Alphabet Mold:

    Please clean the resin casting molds with clean water or rubbing alcohol before use, then use a soft cloth to wipe clean.

    HOW TO DEMOLD a resin mold:

    You can use a mold release spray to dry it in the mold or use a small drop of soapy water and some water as a release agent, press it down into the mold, and push the item from the bottom.

    Note: When deciding to demold, make sure that the resin sheet is fully cured.

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