Alphabet Mould & Tools Set + Epoxy Resin AB

You have everything you need with this kit. Make beautiful creations! 💟
Clear Epoxy Resin AB is included!




Alphabet Kit


💎This set of tools is specially designed for DIY epoxy resin crafts, professional and full tackles for you to operate.

💎Including several silicone molds, glitter powder, pins, etc., enough for you to make your crafts.

💎Use with different colors of epoxy resin and filler, you can fully develop your creativity on these crafts.

💎Easy to operate, reusable, and environmental, will be excellent for you to use.

💎High intensity and high quality, mirror crafts will be great and will make splendid crafts.

💎Silicone molds are easy to demold, facilitate you make perfect and smooth crafts, including bangle mold, different necklace pendants, etc

💎Glitter powder can be used for jewelry making, adds to your products, and will produce creative and beautiful crafts at the end.

💎Handmade jewelry will offer you a pleasant mood when you see your exquisite and innovative products.


Epoxy Resin AB


This Epoxy Resin is excellent for jewelry making.

It's also widely used in castings, decorative purposes, and all crafts.

It can be cured under normal temperature and high temperature,

with the feature of non-toxic, low odor, good flowing property,

natural defoaming, anti-yellow, self doming, high transparency, no ripple, bright in surface.

Resin Kit Includes:

1PC Glue A 75g

1PC Glue B 25g


1. Measure part A and part B according to the volume ratio (A:B=3:1) into two plastic measuring cups,

then pour them into the silicone measuring cup (washable and reusable),

stir slowly for 2 minutes until the mixture clears,

place it along for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the bubbles to dissipate, and then it can be used.

2. Working time: 25 ℃* 90 minutes (100ml mixture)

Curing conditions: 25 ℃ * 18-24 hours or (at 50 ℃ bake for 2 hours)

3. You can use molds to cast resin shapes. Or fill beautiful metal bezels.

Change the resin color with pigments and mica powders, add glitters for sparkling effects and create beautiful faux Opals.

Or draw a creative resin painting. Play your imagination and make any resin crafts you like.



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