Casting Molds Tools Set For DIY Jewelry (229 Pcs)

Casting Molds Tools Set For DIY Jewelry (229 Pcs)

This silicone resin casting mold kit is suitable for craft projects making jewelry DIY, make pendants, earrings, or other jewelry items, you can also add some flowers, glitter, colors to make your own crafts.



Budget Beginner Package

8 x jewelry mold set (assorted styles),

5 x plastic stirrer, 5 x plastic dropper,

5 x plastic spoon,

5 x shapes resin molds,

1 x hand twist drill (include 2 pieces twist bits),

100 x screw golden eye pins and

100 x screw silver eye pins.

Multi-function Epoxy Mold

Our resin 229 pcs mold is made of quality durable silicon by advanced techniques, flexible and tear proof, easy to clean, and recyclable. it is suitable for DIY craft, such as key chain, pendant, a necklace that can be arranged in a myriad of combinations of creativity.

Easy to use

The resin 229 pcs mold is smooth and clean, simply add resin and decorations into the letter mold, then push the other side of the mold and resin comes out smoothly when it’s cured.


Completed Accessories for Keychain Making

The resin 229 pcs mold comes with all the necessary parts for keychain, pendant, or necklace making, no need to buy these keychain supplies separately.

Fun for Resin Crafts

The resin 229 pcs mold can be used to make a colorful and beautiful keychain, pendant, necklace, and other art craftworks. Perfect to make keychains, house numbers, decorative ornament, and other DIY crafts. It's very practical and decorative.

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