Clear UV Glue Resin Fast Curing

Clear UV Glue Resin Fast Curing

Clear UV Glue Resin Fast Curing

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Try making unique and special resin crafts with your creativity and imagination.

It will be a special and meaningful gift for your family, children, friends.

You will get a lot of fun and satisfaction from designing what you want!

1. In most cases, it will dry sticky if you don't use 36w UV light. But it can also cure completely if you put it in the sunlight for a long time.

2. It is not recommended to use this epoxy resin to make large objects such as ashtrays.

QIAOQIAODIY UV resin "sun drops" is a transparent resin gel which hardens when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesion.

Advanced LED curing resin with high transparency, fast curing, long-term anti-yellowing color protection, usable with LED light, UV light and sunlight.
● Cured with LED light (405nm) and UV light (365nm).
Long-term color protection without yellowing.
● Start to heal in seconds, heal completely in 30-90 seconds with LED light, in 2 minutes under UV and sunlight.
● The hardened resin is a durable and waterproof product.
● Work with a flexible PP mold and a silicone mold.
● No adhesion after hardening.