Set Cube Pyramid Sphere Diamond Stone Resin Mold

WIDELY USED: Perfect tools for your DIY craft projects making orgone pyramid, jewelry pendant necklace, hanging ornaments, home decorations, paperweights, pendulum, art projects etc. Can be used with such material like epoxy resin, wax, soap etc.

HIGH QUALITY: All resin casting molds are reusable. Made of safe and durable silicone resin, it is very soft. With smooth and shiny interiors, reducing the need to cut back and polish finished resin items.

EASY TO USE: High Flexible, Clear color and you may check the project status during process, easy to de-mold, clean and it will be easy pop out of your mold after your project is fully cured.


DIY Making Steps:

1:Smear the mold release agent on the silicone mold

2:Hit epoxy by boiled water,but can't touch the water.

3:Mix the epoxy to suitable  ratio

4:Mix toner into the epoxy

5:Pour the epoxy into mold

6:Wait until epoxy curing


Material : Silicone

Size:More detailes,please see photo,

Quantity: 1 Set (17 Pieces)


Product Size:

the sphere silicone mold:

-diameter: 60mm

the cube silicone mold:

-diameter :50mm

the diamond silicone mold: 

- widest point to point: 60mm

- height: 35mm

the pyramid silicone mold: 

-height: 50mm

-square Base:50mm x 50mm

the triangular pyramid silicone mold: 

--height: 50mm

the stone silicone mold:


Measuring Cup

-height: 55mm


Package includes:(Not Include Package)

1 x Sphere Resin Mold

1 x Cube Resin Mold 

1 x Pyramid Resin Mold 

1 x Triangular Pyramid Resin Mold 

1 x Stone Resin Mold 

1 x Diamond Resin Mold 

2 x Measuring Cups 

1 x Set Mixing Resin Tools 

5 x Droppers

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