USB Mini Diy Production Hand Drill

[Product name] USB mini hand drill
[Product size] Approximately 12.5cm*3.4cm
[Power Interface] 1.5m USB cable
[Working voltage] DC 5V
[Working current] 2A (locked rotor 3A)
[Power matching] 360 motor
[Motor speed] 11000 rpm no load.
[Motor shaft diameter] 2.3mm
[Clamp model] Brass 2.3-1.2 (clamping range 0.7-1.2mm)
[Applications] Mainly suitable for perforating ordinary plastic or wood. Such as airplane model bamboo chips, chopsticks, ice cream
Sticks, resin toys, epoxy jewelry, etc.
Instructions for use: The best use current is 2A. When the power supply current is low, it will cause weak rotation and fail to work normally. Please replace the USB port such as the mobile phone charging head

*The product size is measured manually, there may be some errors, please understand

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